Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Together Can, Alone Can Not

Join our team on the quest over the next three years in pursuit of creating a shelter that if successful will be the lightest, most affordable, strength to weight to cost effective structure ever built. Utilizing the most effective base structure (base to imply shape) ever invented, we will marry that shape with the most cutting edge materials to reach our goal.

If realized, this could change dramatically how much it costs to-

Build emergency shelters.
Get emergency shelters to people in need, and the amount of shelters a plane or helicopter can carry.
Build any structure.

If you wish to participate in this project, you can do so by-

Sending your comments, which I really appreciate.

Sending your prayers (any prayers from any faith are gratfully appreciated), which we'll really need.

Donating to the cause through a PayPal account (leifthor@gmail.com).
we'll let you know where the money goes to the penny.

Donating materials directly. Please let us send you the list of what we need through email.

Donating use of housing or land towards the project.

We will use every tool available online to achieve this goal. This blog is just one.

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