Wednesday, 24 January 2007

How Google is directly helping this project

Years ago when Netscape and Explorer were in heated battle, and Yahoo and AOL were vying for my money, time, just wanting me to “identify” as a Yahoo, AOL blah blah user, a little search engine came on the scene.

I loved Google from the first time I saw it. Containing only a quirky logo (that I knew loaded quickly), and a search box, finally someone out there figured out what I really wanted. Power. I didn’t want to give any corporation my power through buying whatever they were selling, who wants that? I wanted power. Power to seek, to find, to explore, and most of all I wanted the power to do all this in peace. In a space free of all the branding clutter everyone else wanted to shove down my throat.

Since then I’ve been a witness to in my opinion the most innovative, reaching effort to continue on it’s quest to give me even more power, on the internet, again somehow doing so without shoving ads down my throat.

I couldn’t even begin to say I know about all that Google’s become, but what I do know most about which is, Google the search engine, Google Earth which is beyond words in just how cool it is, and now Blogging with Google, like an Ausi friend of mine says, “It’s the bees knees”. I’m actually afraid of taking a day and reaching in to see just how deep Google goes, mostly just because my hands are full already and that’s only three of countless parts to the dearly loved Google.

By the way, I was one of those who when I heard of Google going public said, “Oh that’ll kill em for sure. They’ll just wind up like AOL.” Well, I can proudly say that among the so many things I’ve gotten wrong in my short life, that was one of them. Another was about not buying Google stock because the only direction possible after going public was in the toilet…Yeah, I’d be a millionaire by now. But hey, at least I’m not so quick to harshly judge things anymore LOL!

On the 18th of last month, I got a long awaited email, that two dear friends of mine Sasha, and his lovely wife Kiara had finally brought to the rest of us hanging on to this spinning ball, their new Daughter Anya. And of course my friend Sasha who is by far the most hip and slick living in the cutting edge of technology guy (lead information architect at Yahoo, owns Eno Wines, and will soon be joining the ranks of Google) sends us her web site with her blog. I was amazed and the design that must have gone in to his web site, only to find later that it’s all that way on blogs. Sorry am I dating myself?

I'm about to take a leap of faith in my effort to get my Garden of Eden design built. In doing so, I will rely on the help of others a great deal. But I will also rely on using the most cutting edge technology online availible to make it come about. This blog is just one. Like a Wiki, if you hear about this project and have something to say, I hope you'll say it.

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